Saturday, October 3, 2015

Welcome To My New Blog!

Hi and welcome to my new blog 'Sub Box Diva.'  I decided to start a blog because I've recently become obsessed with subscription boxes and I wanted to share my reviews of my boxes with you. Hopefully my reviews will help you to decide if you want to subscribe to any of these boxes.  I've only just started subscribing to some boxes and I'm already subscribed to NINE boxes.  I need help.  I know this.  I just can't stop at the moment.  I am addicted to subscription boxes!  It's like Christmas every month.  I love not knowing what's in a box and the anticipation of finding out what goodies are inside.  It makes me happy.  I really can't afford all these subscriptions but at least I'm happy, right Right?!

I've only received one box so far and I LOVE it.  I'm a big horror fan so I subscribed to 'Horror Block.' This is a Canadian subscription that costs $19.99 plus shipping.  Shipping to the U.S. is $9.50. This is the first box I will be reviewing in the next couple of days.  It's a box filled with horror themed goodies.  The perfect box to subscribe to near Halloween.  I think this box will be a keeper because I received some awesome stuff!  I also received a 'Welcome Block' just for signing up and that also contained really cool goodies.  I will post a review of that one, too.

I'm excited to start reviewing all my subscription boxes with you.  Yay!

My cat Buckley loves subscription boxes, too!

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