Monday, October 24, 2016

Blog Update

Hi everyone!

I haven't been posting many reviews lately because I've had to cancel many of my subscription boxes because I can no longer afford them.  My mortgage went up A LOT last month so I've had to cut back on my expenses.  I'm really sad about this but that's life and I'm just happy to have a roof over my head.  

I still have a ton of reviews to post for the months of August, September, and October and I'll be getting those out over the next couple of weeks.  I will still be posting any subscription boxes I get sent for free to review as well as the one or two boxes that I'm still subscribed to but mostly I'll just be posting the current subscription box sales and deals and product recommendations.  I hope that I can eventually subscribe to some of these wonderful subscription boxes again in the future and get more reviews posted to this blog.

Thanks for checking out my blog.  Have a wonderful day!!

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Shopping: Adult Coloring Books I Want To Purchase

Adult coloring books are all the rage nowadays.  I love coloring and I think it's a great stress reliever.  Here's a list of some coloring books that I really want to purchase soon. 

*Disclosure:  This post contains affiliate links.

Title:  Johanna's Christmas
Author:  Johanna Basford
Release Date: October 25, 2016
Page Count:  80 pages
Available at Amazon

Synopsis from Amazon

From the creator of the worldwide bestsellers Secret Garden and Lost Ocean, a beautiful new adult coloring book, printed on ivory paper and featuring delicate tangles of holly and ivy, bauble-laden Christmas trees, and mountains of exquisitely wrapped gifts.

From flurries of delicate snowflakes to deliciously decorated gingerbread houses and reindeer-led sleighs, Johanna’s Christmas is a celebration of this wonderful holiday season that invites you to pick up your pens and pencils to color, complete, or embellish each of the festive artworks.

Each of the 37 images in this book are printed single-sided on perforated paper, so you can color and remove the images--the perfect frameable holiday gift!
Now printed on specially selected ivory paper. This paper has been specifically created for Johanna Basford’s coloring books. It has a medium tooth which is perfect for creating beautiful colored pencil effects or chalk pastel backgrounds but also wonderful for pens, which will glide effortlessly over its surface.

Title:  Edgar Allan Poe-An Adult Coloring Book
Author:  Odessa Begay
Release Date:  September 6, 2016
Page Count:  96 pages
Available at Amazon

Synopsis from Amazon

Dive into the macabre, mysterious world of Edgar Allan Poe’s chilling tales with popular coloring book artist Odessa Begay (Little Birds). Inspired by Poe’s beloved stories, Begay has created images that reference settings, motifs, and details that fans will recognize.

Title:  Classic Coloring- Jane Austen
Author:  Abrams Noterie
Release Date:  June 14, 2016
Page Count:  112 pages
Available at Amazon

Synopsis from Amazon

Iconic scenes and witticisms from Pride and Prejudice, Emma, Sense and Sensibility, and Jane Austen’s other writings come to life in this intricately illustrated coloring book. It contains 55 line drawings printed on single-sided, heavy paper stock that is suitable for colored pencils, watercolors, and markers. Teacups, lace, ball gowns, and fans mingle with hand-lettered renderings of Austen’s wise and often deliciously sarcastic quotes. Each page is a removable work of art that can be colored in and displayed in a standard-size frame, perfect for adorning the walls and shelves of any Austen fan.

Title:  The Night Voyage- A Magical Adventure and Coloring Book
Author:  Daria Song
Release Date:  August 30, 2016
Page Count:  80 pages
Available at Amazon

Synopsis from Amazon

This third adult coloring book in Daria Song's Time series follows the little girl on a new nighttime adventure when the conductor of her toy train comes to life and helps her distribute gifts across the world.
The Night Voyage is an evocatively illustrated story of a little girl who is swept away on the eve of her birthday by her toy train conductor on a magical journey to distribute gifts around the globe. Taking devotees of The Time Garden and The Time Chamber on an imaginative new adventure, The Night Voyage continues Daria Song's wildly successful series with the beautifully intricate art that her fans have come to love, featuring a world of paper cranes, penny-farthing bicycles, trolleys, cityscapes, and hot air balloon-filled skies.

Title:  Buffy the Vampire Slayer Adult Coloring Book
Author:  Fox
Release Date:  January 17, 2017
Page Count:  96 pages
Available at Amazon

Synopsis from Amazon

Enter the world of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, the chosen one who wields the skill to fight vampires, demons, and the forces of darkness. Created by the multi-talented Joss Whedon and beloved the world over, your favorite characters and moments from the Buffy television series are all represented in this engrossing adult coloring book. Containing forty-five intricately-detailed original illustrations ready for you can add your own colors to Buffy and the good guys as well as all the big bad guys!
All artwork is original and created explicitly for this official Buffy adult coloring book.
Includes art from such Buffy regulars as Karl Moline, Rebekah Isaacs, Georges Jeanty, Yishan Li, Steve Morris, Newsha Ghasemi, and others!

Title:  Secret Garden- An Inky Treasure Hunt and Coloring Book
Author:  Johanna Basford
Release Date:  March 26, 2013
Page Count:  96 pages
Available at Amazon

Synopsis from Amazon

This beautiful and interactive coloring book features delicate and highly detailed pen-and-ink illustrations—all waiting to be brought to life with color. As added entertainment, tiny garden creatures are hidden on the pages, waiting to be found, and a key and index are included in the back. The book's cover and jacket are also colorable.
Appealing to all ages, SECRET GARDEN is the original and first book by Johanna Basford.

Title:  Harry Potter Coloring Book
Author:  Scholastic
Release Date:  November 10, 2015
Page Count:  96 pages
Available at Amazon

Synopsis from Amazon

From the heraldry of the four Hogwarts houses to the extravagant wares of Weasleys' Wizard Wheezes, the world of Harry Potter overflows with radiant color. Filled with intricate illustrations and elaborate designs used in the making of the Harry Potter films, this book invites you to imbue the wizarding world with color in your own explorations of Hogwarts Castle, the Forbidden Forest, and much more. You will also find pages of magical creatures and iconic scenes from the films, from the Sorting Ceremony in Harry's first year, to the unforgettable final battle between Harry and Lord Voldemort, as well as some of the marvelous props used in the movies, such as The Quibbler, Quidditch World Cup posters, and the Triwizard Cup. Also includes sixteen pages of full-color art from the movies to inspire you as you draw.

Saturday, October 15, 2016

Owlcrate, August 2016 Review

Owlcrate is a monthly young adult book subscription box. Every month you'll receive a box containing a recently released young adult book and several book themed goodies. There is a different themed box every month.

Price:  The cost of this subscription is $29.99 a month (plus shipping) for the month to month plan, $28.99 a month (plus shipping) if you pay for 3 months upfront, or $27.99 a month (plus shipping) if you pay for 6 months upfront.

Shipping: to the USA is $6.99, shipping to Canada is $10.59, and international shipping is $19.99.  All shipping costs are in US dollars.

*This post contains referral links.

Beauty Box 5, August 2016 Review

Beauty Box 5 is a monthly beauty subscription box that delivers five deluxe beauty samples or full-sized products every month. The beauty products will be a mixture of luxury, drugstore, eco-conscious, niche, and vegan brands.

Price:  $12 for the month-to-month plan.
            $30 for the 3 month plan (prepaid every 3 months)
            $99 for the yearly plan (prepaid every year)

Shipping:  Free shipping to the United States.  Shipping to Canada is $3.  They currently only ship to the lower 48 United States and Canada.

*This post contains affiliate links.

Book of the Month Club, August 2016 Review + Coupon Code

Book of the Month Club is a monthly book subscription box that sends out a hardcover book every month. Subscribers choose their book for the month from five monthly selections chosen by a panel of judges. Subscribers can also add up to 2 more books at $9.99 each. The selections are all hardcover books of various genres, fiction and non-fiction. New selections are announced on the first of the month and members have six days to choose their book/books for the month. Subscribers can also choose to skip a month if they don't like any of the current selections.

Price:  There are currently three membership plans:  
            1-month plan is $16.99 per month.
            3-month plan is $14.99 per book or $44.97
            12-month plan is $11.99 per book or $143.88

Shipping:  Free shipping!  At this time, only U.S. residents and active U.S. military personnel living overseas (with APO/FPO) addresses are eligible to join Book of the Month Club

*I received this subscription box free for review.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.  This post contains affiliate links.

Julep Maven, August 2016 Review

Julep Maven is a monthly nail polish/beauty box. Subscribers can customize their box each month by choosing nail polishes and/or makeup products from the list of monthly selections. Subscribers can also skip months at a time if they don't like the choices of nail polish or makeup for a particular month.

Price:  My Maven is $24.99 per month for the month to month plan or $19.99 per month with a 3 month prepaid subscription. Maven Luxe is $39.99 per month for the month to month plan or $34.99 per month with a 3 month prepaid subscription.

Shipping:  Shipping is free but they currently only ship to the United States, United States Minor Outlying Islands, and Canada.

*This post contains affiliate links.

Saturday, October 8, 2016

HorrorPack, August 2016 Review

HorrorPack is a monthly horror movie subscription box. Subscribers will receive their choice of either 4 DVDs or 4 Blu-ray horror films each month.  Subscribers can also select both the DVD and Blu-ray plans (The DVD and Blu-Ray plans will include different films so if you subscribe to both plans you will receive 8 different movies).

Price:  DVD Plans:
             1 Month:  $19.99 per month
             3 Month:  $57.72 every 3 months
             6 Month:  $110.94 every 6 months
            12 Month:  $212.88 every 12 months

            Blu-Ray Plans:
            1 Month:  $24.99 per month
            3 Month:  $72.74 every 3 months
            6 Month:  $140.94 every 6 months
           12 Month:  $272.88 every 12 months

Shipping:  Free U.S. shipping, $12 shipping to Canada, $18 all other countries.

*Disclosure:  HorrorPack kindly sent me this box to review.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.