Saturday, July 30, 2016

The Handy Box June 2016

The Handy Box is the first monthly box that is for handy men and women and DIY'ers.  Every month subscribers will receive a box of 3-5 tools and gadgets (with a total retail value of $40 or more) to help them complete projects of any size.

Price & Shipping:  1 month plan is $28.95 per month. 
                                 (21.95 + $7 shipping) 
                                 3 month plan is $83.85 prepaid 
                                 every 3 months ($20.95 + $7 shipping
                                 per box)
                                 6 month plan is $161.70 prepaid
                                 every 6 months ($19.95 + $7 shipping
                                 per box)

The Handy Box currently only ships to the United States but they are making preparations to ship worldwide.

*I received this subscription box free to review.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.  This post contains affiliate links.

The Handy Box

Every Handy Box comes with an information card describing all the items inside.

4pc Mini Plier Set

Pliers always come in handy and I could definitely use some for around the house.  This 4 piece set includes a straight needle nose, a 45 degree needle nose, a diagonal, and an end nipper plier.

Retail Value:  $14

Folding Camp Shovel 23"

This folding camp shovel came in this convenient canvas storage bag.

The shovel folds perfectly for easy storage.

This is a cool shovel.  You can take this with you if you're going camping or just store it in your car in case of an emergency.  This shovel has a tempered forged steel spade for digging and a serrated edge for sawing firewood.

Retail Value:  $10.99

Telescope LED Light- Flex Head

A flashlight around the house will always come in handy and this flashlight has a magnetic pickup flex head that telescopes from 6.5" to 21" and a flexible shaft for hard to reach places.

Retail Value:  $19.99

Here's the back of the packaging for the flashlight.  I've never seen a flashlight like this one before.  It's very cool.

Pocket LED Light with Suction Grip

Here's another LED light that I could use around the house.  These lights can be put almost anywhere.

Retail Value:  $6.99

Super Suction Hook

I will probably be taking this hook to work.  I'll definitely find a use for it.

Retail Value:  $4.99

My Thoughts:  I think The Handy Box is great for anyone looking to do small or large projects around the house.  I love the variety of tools and gadgets that were included in this box and I think this box is a great value for everything you receive each month.  This box had a retail value of $56.96!  I love that I will actually use everything that came in this box.  I bought a house a couple of years ago and I am always in need of tools or gadgets when I'm trying to fix up my house.

Go to The Handy Box for more information or to subscribe.

*I received this subscription box free to review.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.  This post contains affiliate links.

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