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Horror Block May 2016

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Horror Block is a monthly subscription box filled with horror goodies.  I love all things horror so this has become one of my favorite subscription boxes.

Price:  $19.99 per month. They offer discounts if you prepay for a 3 month, 6 month, or yearly plan.

Shipping:  Shipping to the U.S. is $9.50, shipping to Canada is $8.75, and international shipping varies from $12.50 to $40 (depending on where you live).

They also offer other varieties of monthly boxes: Nerd Block Classic, Nerd Block Jr. Girls, Nerd Block Jr. Boys, Comic Block, Arcade Block, and the brand new Sci-Fi Block.  All boxes vary in price.

Horror Block

Every Horror Block comes with an information card describing all the items inside.

Gremlins T-Shirt by Shirtpunch (Horror Block Exclusive!)

Yes!  This t-shirt is awesome especially for an 80's child like me.  I love the Gremlins movies and I'll definitely be wearing this t-shirt.  Love it!!

Retail Value:  $10 to $15?

Pocket Pop! 3 Pack

I'm so happy that they're starting to add more Pops in their boxes.  I was going to buy these soon so I'm glad I didn't!  These are the Jason Voorhees, Freddy Krueger, and Sam Pocket Pops.  Love them!  They are going on my bookshelf.

Retail Value:  $7 to $15?  Prices vary.

Creepy closeup!

Another creepy closeup!

The Omen Vinyl Record (Horror Block Exclusive!)

I don't think I've ever seen The Omen (I know-what?!) or I saw it a long time ago but this vinyl record is cool!  I'll play this record when I want to creep myself out late at night and yes, I do own a record player that I've had forever.

Retail Value:  $10 to $15??

Deathgasm Blu-Ray

Horror Block is starting to send more movies in their boxes which is awesome but I don't know if everyone receives a blu-ray version.  Luckily, I own a blu-ray player but what if you don't?  I'm not sure if they also send a dvd version.  This is another movie I've never heard of but I'm up to checking out any horror film because I love horror movies.

Current Amazon Price:  $26 (but that's a different version so I'm really not sure of the retail value.)

Synopsis from Amazon:

High School is Hell! Metal-thrashing Brodie is an outcast in a sea of jocks and cheerleaders until he meets a kindred spirit in fellow metalhead Zakk. After starting their own band, Brodie and Zakk s resentment of the suburban wasteland leads them to a mysterious piece of sheet music said to grant Ultimate Power to whoever plays it. But the music also summons an ancient evil entity known as Aeloth The Blind One, who threatens to tear apart existence itself. Their classmates and family become inhabited by demonic forces, tearing out their own eyes and turning into psychotic murderers... and this is only the beginning! It s up to Brodie, Zakk and their group of friends to stop a force of pure evil from devouring all of mankind.

A blood-soaked and hilarious horror comedy, DEATHGASM features an amazing original soundtrack of fistbanging metal and practical effects to satisfy metalheads and splatter fans alike. DEATHGASM will gush bodily fluids, rain limbs and tickle your funny bone, before tearing it out and giving you a stiff beating with it.

 Penny Dreadful Comic by Wilson-Cairns & De Martinis (with Exclusive Variant Cover!)

I loved this show and I'm so sad that it's over.  :(  I can't wait to read this comic version of the show.  Maybe they'll make more Penny Dreadful comics so I won't be as sad that the show is over.  

Retail Value:  $3.99

Goodreads Rating:  3.37 stars

Goodreads synopsis:

The hit TV series is presented in comics for the first time! This prequel reveals the terrifying events that led Vanessa to try and find her missing childhood friend, Mina Harker, and exposes the true nature of the vampiric monsters infesting Victorian London. Beautifully realized by Louie De Martinis, and written by the scriptwriters of the hit show!

Cool looking artwork!

'Friday the 13th' Jason Voorhees Hockey Mask Pin (Horror Block Exclusive!)

I love this pin and it seems that Horror Block has been including better exclusive items in their recent boxes.  I hope they keep it up because I'm loving all these horror items.

Retail Value:  ??

Rue Morgue Issue #167

Horror Block usually sends the latest issue of Rue Morgue magazine which is packed with tons of horror articles!

Retail Value:  $9.95

Rue Morgue is one of the best horror magazines in my opinion.

Horror Block always sends a card with previews for next month's box.  I will be reviewing the June box soon.  It was awesome!!!

My Thoughts:   keeps getting better and better.  I love how they are including more quality exclusive items and horror movies.  They offered a survey to subscribers earlier this year and you can tell they really listened to what subscribers wanted in their boxes.  This really is one of my favorite subscription boxes to receive because I just love the items they include each month.  I really recommend this box to anyone who loves horror items.

Go to Horror Block to subscribe. 

Horror Block is currently offering this awesome deal in each of their blocks:  Receive a $10 Credit for in every Nerd Block!

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*This post contains affiliate links

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