Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Chroma.Club June 2016

Chroma.Club is a monthly coloring book subscription.  Every month subscribers are sent a 20 page (5.5 inch by 8.5 inch) coloring book that contains 9 unique designs (and about half of the designs are from independent artists!) 

Price:  $8 per month.  They also offer a 3 month prepaid plan for $21 or a 6 month prepaid plan for $39.

Shipping:  Free to the United States, surcharge elsewhere (they ship worldwide). 

*Disclosure:  I received this subscription box free to review.


There usually will be a central theme for every month's coloring book.  The theme for June was 'Summer Solstice.'

The first page of the coloring book mentioned the featured independent artists, Mr. Crow and Hannah Rogers.

Below are some of the coloring pages.  There are various designs and I can't wait to color them all!

This is the pretty design I started coloring.

My coloring skills aren't perfect but it is relaxing.  :)

My Thoughts:  I love the designs in the coloring book and I had fun coloring.  This subscription would be great for anyone who loves to color.  The coloring book is the perfect size to carry around in your bag or purse if you want to color on breaks at work or at school.  I personally wish the coloring book was a bigger size because I tend to color at home to relax and it would be nice to frame my favorite designs.  Also, I wish there were more designs in each book since I could buy a coloring book with many more designs on Amazon for the same price.

Go to http://chroma.club/ to subscribe or to find out more information about this subscription.

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