Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Skoshbox December 2015

Skoshbox is a Japanese snack/candy subscription box.  They have two types of subscription boxes, Skoshbox is the smaller box filled with sample sized Japanese treats and  Dekabox is the larger box filled with 1 pound of full-sized snacks.  

Price:  They offer several plans for the Skoshbox and the Dekabox.  
*Skoshbox monthly is $12 per month (renews every month), the three month plan is $35 prepaid (non-renewing plan), the six month plan is $66 prepaid (non-renewing plan), and the yearly plan is $120 prepaid (non-renewing plan).
*Dekabox monthly is $24 per month (renews every month), the three month plan is $70 prepaid (non-renewing plan), the six month plan is $132 prepaid (non-renewing plan), and the yearly plan is $240 prepaid (non-renewing plan).  If you subscribe to the Dekabox you also have the option of paying an extra $2 for a mystery Japanese accessory item.

Shipping:  Shipping to the United States and U.S. Territories is Free.  They also ship to all APO/FPO addresses.  At this time, only their Skoshbox plans are available for shipping to Canada. For Canada plans go to https://www.skoshbox.com/plans?country=CA
**They currently only ship to the United States and Canada but they are working on expanding to new territories.

Want to see what I got in the December Dekabox?  Let's find out!

Skoshbox (Dekabox)

I was happy to see there was a lot of goodies in this box.  I ordered the monthly Dekabox and I also paid $2 for a mystery accessory.

  Every box comes with an information card that shows all items in the box and all the ingredients.  I don't know why I didn't take a picture of it but all the information is on the other side of the card above.  I paid an extra $2 this month for the mystery Japanese accessory and I received the Pikachu Tail Plush (yellow and brown item in upper right hand corner).  I had no idea what this was when I saw it in the box!  They also included 2 bonus items this month, a mini Pocky pen and Pocky chopsticks.  The cost of these items from the card is $3.99 for the Pikachu Tail Plush, $1.99 for the mini Pocky pen and $8.99 for the Pocky chopsticks.    

Pejoy (Matcha Cream and Cookies & Cream)

I never had these before but they are really good.  I'm not a big fan of the green tea flavor but it did taste good in the biscuit sticks.  

Pejoy Matcha:  $1.99
Pejoy Cookies & Cream:  $1.99

Pocky (Ultra Slim and Demitasse)

I've heard of Pocky but I never tried it before.  These are really good!  The Demitasse are more of a dark chocolate and the Ultra Slim taste more like milk chocolate.

Pocky Ultra Slim: $2.99
Pocky Demitasse: $2.99

Pretz Hot Chili Salad and Almond Peak Clear Crisp

I love spicy food so I really loved these Pretz Hot Chili Salad sticks.  Yum!  I think they were my favorite item in the box.  The Almond Peak chocolates with candied almonds were also very good.

Pretz Hot Chili Salad: $1.99
Almond Peak Clear Crisp: $2.99

Caplicocot Hearts and Bisco Cafe Au Lait

The Caplicocot Hearts were quite good but I really want to try the Strawberry & Milk Chocolate version.  The Bisco Cafe Au Lait biscuits were also very good.  

Caplicocot Hearts: $2.99
Bisco Cafe Au Lait: $0.99

Tara's Take:  This is my first time trying a Japanese snack subscription and I really thought everything was tasty.  I really like how they provide an information card to let subscribers know exactly what snacks they're getting and all the ingredients.  I don't know if I'll be adding a mystery item next time.  That Pikachu Tail kind of freaked me out.  :P  I think this is a great Japanese subscription box if you want to try out different Japanese snacks.  They also have an online shop where you can re-order any of the items from the box.

If you want to subscribe to Skoshbox go to https://www.skoshbox.com/

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