Saturday, December 19, 2015

Meowbox November 2015

Meowbox is a monthly subscription box filled with cat treats, cat toys, and other cat related goodies.  I love that for every box ordered they send one can of cat food to a shelter cat.  I think that's wonderful.

Price:  $32.95 for the month to month plan, $83.85 paid every three months, or $137.70 paid every six months.

Shipping:  Shipping is Free!  They currently ship to Canada, the U.S., and the United Kingdom.


I want to try out some of the pet boxes out there so Meowbox was the first one I tried. 

Meowbox includes an information card in every box describing the products.  I just wish they would include the retail value of these products.

The November 2015 Meowbox included:

Purrk! Munchies KitBits- Semi Moist Treat

My cats love these treats.  They are great to give them when I'm trying to teach them tricks.  They only know one trick so far (they can stand up).  I'm so turning into a crazy cat lady.  :p

Retail Value:  $3-$5?

Purrk! Playfuls Stimulating Cat Toy-  Perky Bird

My cats haven't really played with this at all.  They smelled it a little when I first took it out of the box but I guess they don't really like it.  It is infused with Silvervine which is a natural alternative to catnip.

Retail Value:  $4.29

Bio-Pro Research- Urine Off Cat & Kitten Formula

My cats don't urinate outside the litter box so I won't really be using this.

Retail Value:  $12?

From the Field Chewy The Hemp Rope

My cats really loved this hemp rope.  They really got high on the catnip which is all over the rope.  

Retail Value:  $5?

SPOT Ethical Products- Skinneeez Mallard

This was another toy that my cats really loved!

Retail Value:  $4-$8?

Tara's Take:  It was difficult to give the retail value for some of the items and I really wish they would put the retail value on the information card.  I estimated the retail value to be around $28 to $33.  I wasn't too enthused about this box.  My cats thought it was okay I guess.  I do love that they give one can of food to shelter cats!  I'm not really sure if the value is there though.  I had to cancel this subscription because I wanted to find a lower cost pet subscription box. 

If you want to subscribe to Meowbox go to

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