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Comic Bento July 2016 Review

Comic Bento is a monthly graphic novel subscription box that sends subscribers four or more graphic novels per month. Every Comic Bento box will include at least $50 worth of graphic novels and every box will have a theme.

Price:  They offer 4 subscription plans:
            Month-to-Month Plan is $20 every month.
            3 Month Plan is $55 every 3 months.
            6 Month Plan is $105 every 6 months.
           12 Month Plan is $210 every 12 months (free shipping)

Shipping: $5 to the United States and $12.35 to Canada.   They currently do not ship outside of the U.S. and Canada.  

Comic Bento

Every Comic Bento comes with an information card describing the items inside.  The theme for July was Robots.

Diesel Sweeties 
Bacon Is A Vegetable, Coffee Is A Vitamin by R. Stevens

I've never heard of Diesel Sweeties before and I'm not sure I like the pixellated illustrations.

Retail Value:  $19.99

Goodreads Rating: 3 stars

Goodreads Synopsis:

Bacon. Coffee. Vegetables. Join the Diesel Sweeties for an in-depth examination of how vices are good for you and vegetables are fortified with righteous indignation. This full-color collection is the perfect addition to any meal-instagramming foodie's diet. Delicious, nutritious, and full of wood pulp fiber!

It Came! by Dan Boultwood

This graphic novel is for fans of B-movies.  I never heard of this one before but it sounds interesting and the art work is pretty cool.

Retail Value:  $14.99

Goodreads Rating:  3.43 stars

Goodreads Synopsis:

1958. Driving through the British countryside, unthinkingly misogynistic space scientist, Dr. Boy Brett, and his companion, Doris Night, pop into a quaint village pub for a cheese ploughman's...But waiting for them outside is a most unwelcome visitor: Grurk, an indestructible, monosyllabic robot from outer space, on a mission to harvest the British Blitz spirit for energy!Pursuing Grurk in their Morris Minor, will Boy and Doris be able to save the British from a life without stiff upper lippedness, or will Her Majesty's Kingdom be forever resigned to a life down in the mouth?
Witty, satirical and a rollicking good laugh, IT CAME! is a stunning piece of work, infusing the best (and worst!) bits of the 1950s B-movie with whimsical British charm.

Voltron by Brandon Thomas and Ariel Padilla

This is another graphic novel that I've never heard of and I'm not sure if I will find this interesting.

Retail Value:  $19.99

Goodreads Rating:  3.04 stars

Goodreads Synopsis:

Ultimate victory has never been closer for the Voltron Force. King Zarkon's brutal regime has been pushed to the edges of the galaxy, left to wage a series of desperate and losing battles to claim innocent victims while they still can. But Zarkon knows something -- a secret about Voltron over a hundred years old that could change everything for the Galaxy Alliance. This isn't the Voltron we all know, but one redefined and re-imagined by those he and his adventures have inspired over the years. This is Generation Voltron! Collecting the first six issues of Dynamite's hit new Voltron series, along with a complete cover gallery with artwork by Alex Ross, Sean Chen, and more.

Bubblegun by Mark Roslan and Mike Bowden

The last book in the box was another graphic novel that I've never heard of and I'm not sure I will like it.  This did not receive good ratings on Goodreads so I'm not too enthused to read this right away.

Retail Value:  $12.99

Goodreads Rating:  2.50 stars

Goodreads Synopsis:

Collects BubbleGun #1-5!
They like the tech, but live for the high stakes! Sisters Molli and Devyn,along with teammates Roman and Kyo-and a stockpile of cutting edge,cyber-punk technology, form a confident team of mercenary thieves able totake on the most formidable jobs around. Yet, when one cyber heist turns outto be more than they bargained for, as a mysterious package and its contentsthreaten to unravel the group to its core, the menacing worlds of corruptindustry and deadly espionage is unleashed upon them! Now, enjoy all fiveissues of the epic first volume on one collection!

My Thoughts:  The July Comic Bento was a letdown for me.  Maybe I just don't like robots..  I never heard of any of these graphic novels and none of them seem that interesting to me.  I like the art work in some of them but the stories just sound strange and they didn't get the best reviews on Goodreads.  I definitely liked the last Comic Bento better than this one.

Go to Comic Bento for more information or to subscribe.

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